9 Iphone Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Now

David & David tell you about 9 iPhone mistakes you need to stop making. Making these mistakes could use all of your cellular data, slow down your iPhone significantly, and more!

1. Turning Off Find My iPhone [0:17]
2. Allowing Apps To Track Your Activity [0:53]
3. Allowing Apps To Access Your Location All The Time [2:06]
4. Leaving Too Many Safari Tabs Open [3:26]
5. Leaving Background App Refresh On For Too Many Apps [4:48]
6. Not Cancelling iPhone Subscriptions [5:49]
7. Not Updating Your iPhone [6:29]
8. Not Updating Your Apps [7:34]
9. Leaving Backup Over Cellular On [8:03]
10. BONUS MISTAKE: Not Cleaning Your iPhone [9:33]

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