Bitcoin Mining Farm Tour At A Texas Flair Gas Site – Featuring @your Friend Andy

I went on a tour of a Bitcoin Farm running ASIC miners, a container farm using excess natural gas, or Flair Gas, out in West Texas, with fellow youtuber @Your Friend Andy

These guys are powering 300 S19 Pros and S19J Pros with green energy. Some of the oddest green energy Ive hearf of, since its literally gas. But this flair gas was on its way to the atmosphere no matter what – you cant stop it, but you CAN give it one extra thing to do on its way out.

During the production process and piping of oil, natural gas is formed and needs to be syphoned off to prevent catastrophe. Normally, the oil man simply sets it on fire and lets it burn, for real. Bitcoin Miners are now able to harness that wasted gas, burn it more cleanly, and give it utility before its let go.


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