Crypto Mining Farm – Remote Power Management

One of the issues when moving your mining rigs away from home and into a remote location is losing the ability to directly control them, especially power management when a rig doesn’t want to cooperate. Today we’re fixing one half of that issue by replacing my basic PDU with a used Raritan Smart PDU. In the next video I will show you how to set up remote access to the network so you can easily control the PDU.

Raritan PX3-5496V Metered Rack PDU 0U 208V NEMA L6-30 Input 24x C13 Output:

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00:00 Premise
00:21 Intro
00:27 Basic vs Smart PDU’s
01:52 Smart PDU Features
02:47 PDU Installed
03:40 PDU WebGUI
08:30 Turning On Rigs
12:57 Final Thoughts
13:29 Outro

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