Crypto Mining Has Changed..

Crypto mining has changed or really it’s f**ked?? A lot has changed over the 5 years that I’ve been mining cryptocurrencies. Is mining still worth it? Is Mining still profitable? Would I still start mining if I began today? Sub to the best crypto mining YouTube channel!

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I started my crypto mining journey almost 5 years ago. Since then, a lot has changed. Very few coins are launching that support Proof-of-Work mining algorithms, and everyone’s slamming Bitcoin for its energy use. Developers are pushing miners away, and miners are dumping their coins without actually contributing to any projects. Am I still bullish on crypto mining? Is Bitcoin mining worth it in 2022? Are using graphics cards for GPU mining still worth it in 2022? CPU mining is that profitable and should i mine Monero XMR or another coin in 2022 and well here ya go forget about FPGA mining and HDD harddrive mining its not profitable in 2022 but ASIC mining is still super profitable but above all…. Is it worth it to get into crypto mining today?

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 How has crypto mining changed?
02:07 Get $10 free with FTX!
02:31 VoskCoin Mining Journey
04:28 CPU mining in 2022
05:08 FPGA mining in 2022
05:43 Crypto mining progression
07:38 The Changing Crypto Landscape
09:36 Benefits of Proof of Work mining
11:40 How to mine crypto profitably
13:56 Developers vs Miners in crypto
17:18 Industrialization of Bitcoin mining
19:09 Sell your car as an NFT?!
19:44 Why I’m not bullish on mining
21:13 The next era of crypto mining?
24:28 What coins to mine in 2022?

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