Dual Mining Eth + Alph Custom Pool Hiveos Lolminer 1.45

Fast and Simple Guide how to Mine Ethereum + ALPH (Alephium) in HeroMiners How to create the flightsheet. Remember always to UPDATE HiveOS. For hashrate please check all of them at https://hashrate.no

At the moment of the Guide these are the pools that are not avalaible direct in HiveOS:
Auto : detect-my-region.alephium-pool.com:20032
Europe/Russia : eu1.alephium-pool.com:20032
US : us1.alephium-pool.com:20032
Asia (SSL: 20033) : asia1.alephium-pool.com:20032

USA East : na-east.stratum.enigmapool.com:5002
USA West : na-west.stratum.enigmapool.com:5002
EU : amsterdam.stratum.enigmapool.com:5002
Asia / Australia : singapore.stratum.enigmapool.com:5002

Global :

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