Hands-on Look At New Samsung Galaxy S22 & Tab S8 Lineup! | Samsung Unpacked 2022 Update

With Samsung Unpacked 2022 having ended, Tshaka gives you your first hands-on impressions of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 lineup and the Tab S8 lineup. He takes a look at the new Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S Pen with even less latency than last year. You’ll also get a first hands-on look at the vanilla S22 and the S22 Plus. Tshaka will also walk you through the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and it’s new, beautiful 14 inch screen. Any questions? You know what to do. Leave them in the comments below.

#samsungunpacked #galaxys22ultra #tabs8ultra

00:00 Intro
00:44 Background
1:24 Hands-on with the Tab S8 lineup, with a focus on the Tab S8 Ultra and multi-tasking, DeX and accessories
3:45 Hands-on with the S22 lineup
5:12 Hands-on with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, I mean, “NUltra.” A look at the cameras, improved S Pen, and case accessories.

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