Interview With Drew Armstrong Of Cathedra Bitcoin – Viridi Funds Crypto Mining Ceo Chats

Viridi Funds is continuing our CEO chats series by interviewing Drew Armstrong of Cathedra Bitcoin.

0:00 Viridi Funds Introduction
0:55 Introduction and Overview of Cathedra
5:45 Hardware Fleet Update
7:50 Business Model Discussion
11:06 Discussion of Cathedra Balance Sheet and Compute Power
15:42 How will Cathedra survive worse economics?
19:46 Modular Based Container Deployments
25:13 ESG
28:15 MARA Corporate Video

About Viridi Funds:

Viridi Funds is a registered investment adviser focused on providing modern investment products that consider environmental concerns. On July 20, 2021, Viridi Funds launched their first ETF product, $RIGZ, on the NYSE. The $RIGZ ETF offers investors exposure to the crypto mining and semiconductor industry. Additionally, it applies a clean energy filter to the crypto mining holdings in the portfolio. The $RIGZ ETF is an actively managed ETF managed by people who have actually worked in the crypto mining space.For more information on $RIGZ including a prospectus and to sign up for our newsletter, please visit

You may also follow us on for more information on the crypto space. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. RIGZ ETF is distributed by Quasar Distributors LLC.

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About Cathedra Bitcoin:

Cathedra Bitcoin (TSX-V: CBIT) is a Bitcoin company that develops and operates world-class bitcoin mining infrastructure.

Cathedra believes sound money and cheap, abundant energy are the fundamental ingredients to human progress, and is committed to advancing both by working closely with the energy sector to secure the Bitcoin network. Today, Cathedra owns 177 PH/s across various sites around the United States and expects to deploy an additional 18 PH/s and 534 PH/s in Q4 2021 and 2022, respectively. Upon the full deployment of its purchased machines, Cathedra’s hash rate is expected to total 729 PH/s. The Company is focused on expanding its portfolio of hash rate through a diversified approach to site selection and operations, utilizing multiple energy sources across various jurisdictions.

For more information about Cathedra, visit

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