Ios 15.4 Iphone 6s Full Review

iOS 15.4 iPhone 6s FULL REVIEW | Should you update to iOS 15.4 on iPhone 6s? iPhone 6s NEW Update is out, in the form of iOS 15.4. iOS 15.4 is the brand new iOS 12 Update for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s. iOS 15.4 is new iPhone 6s update, which brings bug fixes to iPhone 6s. The thing is, iPhone 6s is an old handset, and a new iPhone 6s Update could slow down the iPhone 6s.

I will review iOS 15.4 iPhone 6s in this video! I will test iOS 15.4 on iPhone 6s, to see whether or not you should update iPhone 6s to iOS 15.4 update! I will test iOS 15.4 Battery, iOS 15.4 Performance, iOS 15.4 Stability, iOS 15.4 Speed & iOS 15.4 Battery Life on iPhone 6s, and by the end of this video, I will let you guys know whether or not to update to iOS 15.4 or Furthermore, I will test Jailbreak iOS 15.4 on iPhone 6s, to see if the latest iOS 15.4 Jailbreak was patched in the security update! If you enjoy my iOS 15.4 iPhone 6s Review, make sure to leave a like!

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