Lhr Unlock | Gigabyte Rtx 3060 Ti Vision Ethereum Mining With 50.50 Mh/s | T Rex Miner 0.25.12

Welcome, This is new free unlock lhr for you
Link: https://telegra.ph/Lhr-Unlock-04-29 (4819 PASSWORD)
Status: Work

Today we reported that the developers of the NBMiner program broke through the NVIDIA LHR protection in the new version
of the mining program number 39.0. As a result, even the initially blocked GeForce GTX 3080/3070 Ti began to mine 20%
more coins for their owners.So, while the maximum parameter is available is 68. This means that you get 68% of the maximum
hashrate on a locked video card, or 20% more than possible. The miners from the Dizzy Mining channel have experimentally
found out that a higher value should lead to a higher hashrate, but after a short period of time this will cause a lock,
which will automatically reduce the hashrate to the standard.

⚠️ How to install the software ⚠️
– Download software by the link
– Follow the same steps as in the video
– Take profit and enjoy!
⚠️ Sometimes the antivirus software takes this for malware, but do not be afraid it is not ⚠️
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Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZV4Zxk-wqLUI3RElQr4kA
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LHR Unlock | Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti Vision Ethereum Mining with 50.50 MH/s | T Rex Miner 0.25.12
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