Mining Round Table [ep. 09] | At Home Crypto Mining Grow Tents, Dual Mining With Gpus And More!

Mining Round Table is a Weekly Podcast Style Show revolving around the World of Amateur Crypto Miners! Mining Round Table features host @ChumpChangeXD , @Red Fox Crypto and The @The Hobbyist Miner. We discuss being safe when being in the Crypto Currency Space, Grow Tents and GPUs! This includes talking about Ethereum 2.0 and some FPGA stuff with @Red Fox Crypto! Enjoy today’s entertainment!

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🚨 Video Chapters For Quick Reference:
00:00 Welcome to the Crypto Mining Podcast
00:30 What’s New With the at Home Crypto Mining Farms
05:58 Here we chat about DUAL Mining and what we are doing at our at Home Crypto Mining Farm
10:49 Ethereum and Home or Commercial Crypto Mining 2.0 Chat
15:25 What Direction we are going with the at Home GPU Crypto Mining
22:05 Changes with EVGA Que and BestBuy over GPU purchases for at home Crypto Mining
26:52 Here we talk about FPGA’s to understand a bit when those come to at Home Crypto Mining
36:30 Talking Grow Tents and at Home Crypto Mining
53:44 Here we go over Being SAFE in the Crypto Mining Space and Discord
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Mining Round Table [Ep. 09] | At Home Crypto Mining Grow Tents, Dual Mining With GPUs and More!
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This is NOT financial advice and I am NOT a financial advisor. Building mining equipment is expensive and can be risky. Crypto Currency is very volatile and the prices change daily. Please do your own research before investing!!



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