New Miner Earning $29 A Day! This Coin Is Better Than Ethereum?!

New Miner Earning $29 A DAY! This Coin is BETTER THAN ETHEREUM?! This miner mines thousands of dollars per year in passive income mining crypto coins like Nervos Network CKB. Is this Goldshell CK6 better than a Bitcoin or Ethereum ASIC miner?! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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I have mined Nervos Network CKB since their incentivized testnet came out and you could GPU mine CKB and Ethereum! Nervos Network CKB is mined on the eaglesong mining algorithm. Then Nervos Network CKB mining was taken over by FPGA miners, I had FPGA mining rigs, so I mined CKB with my FPGA miners but then ASIC miners for Nervos Network CKB were released. I bought Nervos Network CKB ASIC miners and have been mining CKB for years now. CKB is launching a huge marketing push, and the Goldshell CK6 is the best Nervos Network CKB mining rig EVER, but was mining nervos network CKB worth it?! Nervos network layer-2 solution is launching yokaiswap YOK token and an NFT marketplace on nervos powered by CKB! Goldshell CK6 review and overview, is this new Goldshell CKB miner worth buying if it earns $29 a day in passive income with cryptocurrency?!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 New miner earns you $29 a day?
00:44 What is crypto mining?
01:37 What is Nervos and how to mine it?
04:11 Goldshell CK6 miner
06:01 The miners ranking list and profits
06:55 Buying miners vs buying coins
08:32 Nervos is committed on being a minable coin
10:10 NSUR a reward driven health and utility token
10:49 SHIBU a cinematic art charity project
11:30 What do I think about the Nervos network and mining it?

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