Post Eth Proof Of Stake Effects On Gpu Mining Profitability – We Will Make Very Little. :-(

– I analyze the current (as of December 2021) network hashrates for all algorithms and convert them to equivalent RX480
– 75% of equivalent RX480s are mining ethereum
– I convert that 75% of GPUs to the other algorithms proportional to their current percentage
– Discovery: 70% of all GPUS not mining ethereum are mining Monero (XMR) (what?)
– After all GPUs go from ethereum mining to other algos, the profitability is near zero (highest was ~$1.50 per day for 620Mh/s ethereum hashrate)
– GPU mining is still profitable after Eth POS for sero ($1.64/day), ravencoin ($1.26/day), flux ($1.37/day, etc ($1.19/day). All the rest are less than $0.50/day total profit.

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