Teks Procedure (how To Make Cooking Rice Using A Rice Cooker)


– Nama Anggota:
1.Indah Rahmawati
2.Dwi choirunnisa
3. Kuni Wafiq Azizah
4.Aura janintya Tri angeli

– IX_B (ninebie)

”Cooking Rice utilizing a rice cokker”
(1)weight the precise quantity of rice which Will be poured.it shouldn’t be greater than 4 measure cups.
(2)wash the rice.then,put it within the internal pan and regulate the amount of water into the internal pan.
(3)markings contained in the pan present the quantity of water required.
(4)Be certain to wipe dry the skin of the internal pan
(5)Then,place the internal pan into the physique and switch it slighfly to proper and left till it seat correctly .
(6)Close the outer lid. Make certain to lock correctly till it”Clicks”.
(7)Plug twine to AC Outlet The “WARM”lamp will activate.
(8) press the change.
(9)When the cooking course of hes began,the “COOK”lamp activate.
(10)when rice is completed,the change will pop up and “WARM”kamp lights to indicate that the rice Warner perform is working.After the change pops up,go away the lid closed for a minimum of quarter-hour earlier than serving the rice.
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