Terra Pour Over Coffee Maker

Our TERRA Pour-Over Filter Coffee Maker is ecological and economical! No paper filters wanted due to its everlasting stainless-steel filter with laser perforation. Coffee at its finest!

1. Coffee grind steered grind: Medium

* Grind coarser for a lighter style.

* Grind finer for a powerful, barely bitter style.

2. Dosage per cup : One tablespoon of floor espresso per 175 ml of sizzling water.

3. Pre-brew : Pour a small quantity of water on the espresso grounds and wait 15 seconds in order that the espresso flowers (small fuel bubbles kind) releasing the flavors trapped within the espresso. Ideal water temperature: 93-95 ÂșC.

4. Infusion : Slowly pour the remainder of the new water over the espresso. As the water stage drops, proceed to pour the water over espresso that continues to be caught to the perimeters of the filter.

5. Dispose of espresso grounds : Throw away the espresso grounds in your compost bin or use as fertilizer.

6. Take the time to get pleasure from : Pour the freshly brewed espresso into your cup and savour every sip.



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