Whats On My Iphone 13 Pro Max!?(spring Edition)!!

Hey guys!! Today is a what’s on my iPhone 13 pro max spring edition!! You guys know I love my spring colors so this video made me happy lol! I hope you guys enjoyed and got some customization or organizational tips!! Let me know what else you guys want to see and ill talk to you guys Saturday!!

Apple iPhone Case (In Blue Fog)- https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MN6C3ZM/A/iphone-13-pro-max-silicone-case-with-magsafe-eucalyptus?fnode=a877214d6eddf23b55fea3491272295166ef9b5ee8dc2da10926425148b2a2c4a5bbb767aae61e930e6241135563338c8d8bbbf78d782b78882a839651f7fdca79cd0e8d7da22c9228936181219e329f51f0decf8d9a51cbe86ff8304c0a10aab10a93d4326d01ac41b2e4d51f43e58e

Apple Camera Covers (Blue Glitter)-

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