Why I’m Not Buying Gpu’s Or Asics (crypto Mining Passive Income Analysis)

This passive income investment analysis looks at a 8750 buy in and the daily returns on that for #Ethereum #Bitcoin mining and #Chia farming. Dive into the profitability with this analysis that I updated to put each #Crypto on the same footing. The results again have #BTC at the bottom of the earnings with Ethereum and then Chia right behind.

Cheap In-Stock $ per TB drives (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/zPNy

🌱👨‍🌾 550 TiB Chia Farm for ~ 8500-ish USD 🤔💰

55 x 10TB SAS lots – (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/zPNy
2x DS4243 w sleds – (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/NMdEt
1X r720 W 2X2690/256gb RAM – (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/OAJ7Fl
8x dell caddies – (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/3B9xAGb
1x 9200 8e HBA – (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/kRMjhR
1xQSFP to 8088 – (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/mCZCP
2xQSFP to QSFP – (paid link, eBay) https://geni.us/dK9Nk

Chia Profitability Sheet (copy 2 your drive) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lXviouJ1dZhT3s_4wQgdySnTMJJX3E5LXcJJv5xftdg/edit?usp=sharing

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